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  • ??Full Colour RGB?The MC is Aputure’s first light to include full color, Saturation, & Intensity (HSI) colour control. With 360° of color and 100 levels of saturation adjustment, you have the power to conveniently reproduce any colour, all in the palm of your hand.
  • ??Stellar Color Quality?The MC prides itself in its colour rendition, with CRI and TLCI scores of 96+, and SSI scores of 84 in tungsten and 74 in daylight. Unlike traditional RGB, the Aputure MC isn’t just a light that relies on Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. But also adding two additional white LEDs: one balanced at tungsten and a second at daylight.
  • ??HSI/CCT/9 FX Lighting Modes? In addition to HSI Color Mode, the MC allows you to adjust your white light with CCT Mode, or use built-in lighting effects with 9 FX Modes.
  • ??Wireless App Control?SAT control via App to reach 3000 and more color changes for your creativity
  • ??Credit Card-Sized LED?The130g MC easily fits in the palm of your hand. With a footprint only slightly larger than a credit card and thickness of only 17mm (11/16 in.), the MC fits anywhere. The built-in magnets and 1-4″-20 screw mount allow you to place and use it in seconds. Use it as an on-camera light, or hide it off-screen for an app-controllable accent or fill light.
Day based pricing : APURTURE AL-MC KIT (POCKET LED)
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Key Features

95% BT.2020 Color Gamut Coverage

Full HSI Color Control: CCT/SAT

400 Lux @ 0.5 Meters

0-100% Brightness Control / 3200K-6500K CCT Control

9 Built-In Lighting FX

OLED Display With Control Wheel

Sidus Link Mobile App Control Up To 400m Away

Up To 100 Minutes @ Max Brightness (2,600mAh Battery)

Charging: USB-C PD Quick Charge + Wireless Charging

4-Light Wireless Charging Case Kits

Built-In Magnets

Charging Station Powered By AC Or D-Tap


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