SOONWELL (FB 408) 1 x 4 LED Mat

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  • ??Flexible & Pliable; Rollable & Lightweight Design?Easy to be shaped in any way for adjustable 360° light spread. Easy to be rolled up and fit into tight-space bag to carry, for travel, transport, storage.
  • ??Powerful LED chips &High CRI?Built with powerful LED chips; LEDs have a high CRI of 95-98.
  • ??Light-Wall & Channel Control  Design?Multiple light mats could be joined together to build a “light wall”, you can control individual or multiple lights by setting up different or same channels in the controller;
  • ??Minimum Heat & Rainproof Design?Minimum heat allows long time working; Rainproof design allows shooting in the rain;
  • ??TWO-WAY Power Source?Light can be powered by AC110V-240V OR  SOONWELL V-mount battery.
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In The Package:

1× Soonwell FB-408 Flexible LED Light Mat

1× Soonwell Honeycomb Grid Softbox

1× AC Adaptor

1× X-Frame

1× Circuit Control Box

1× Universal Joints

1× Velcro Tape

1× Carry Box

Flexible design to twist and roll the LED panel in any form.

The flexible design allows the panel to be used in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs and other more. For example, if rolled in a cylinder form, the panel can be used for a 360° panorama product photography or for long thin highlights in reflective objects. When twisted in an arc form, it can be used in product photography as an effective wrap-around lighting. Just choose the desired shape to mold the panel into and use adhesive tape to secure the final form.

Bi-Color & Dimmable high CRI / TLCI SMDs.

The fixture uses 2-in-1 bi-color SMD chips with an adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 5600K, dimmable from 100%-10%, that almost reach a 180 degrees beam spread which makes this fixture great for general fill lights. The CRI is 95Ra.

Additional information

Full Specifications

Model: FB-408
Power: 100W
CRI: 95-98
CCT: 3000-5600K
Light Angle: 10° – 360°
Dimming: 0-100%
Dimension: 121 x 24cm / 4 x 0.8ft
Light Weight: 0.52KG (1.15lb)
AC Adaptor 7A: 0.47KG (1.04lb)
Kit Weight: 2.3KG (5.07lb)
LEDs: 504pcs
Lux: 0.5M:7980; 1M:2960; 2M:933
Control Mode: Touch Screen Turning knob DMX 2.4G remote/RC-3T
Footcandles: 0.5M:742; 1M:275; 2M:87
Power Source: 100-240V AC or DC-15V 5A
Operating Voltage: DC-15V 7A
Dimmer Input: 12V to 30V
Power Unit: Automatic Voltage 90V–260V
Certification: CE RoHS
2.4G wireless remote control (The remote not included)


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