Super wind up

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  • Stainless steel, heavy-duty lighting stand.
  • Geared column and 2 chrome steel risers.
  • Can support up to 80kg.
  • Comes with a recognised TÜV safety certification.
  • Extends right up to 366 cm.
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A heavy lift, ultra-high lighting stand for multiple applications. This exceptional Wind Up Stand does everything you need it to and more, reaching higher than most stands on the market, and enabling you to work fast and smart- thanks to a full range of intuitive features. One of the huge attractions to this lighting has to be its ability to extend right up to a maximum height of 3.66 meters whilst still maintaining its max load of 80Kg.


In addition to its far reaching capabilities, this stand is a simple to use too. A clever crank action helps you to extend or retract smoothly, and with minimal effort. The design features a geared column and two risers, made from hardwearing, strengthened stainless steel, giving you all the stability you need, while making it incredibly easy to use at the same time. This robust frame means it can lift up to a massive 80kg too.


Due to its innovative design and unlike many other stands available on the market, this lighting stand has been awarded TÜV certification for its safety credentials, so you can be sure it’s up to any challenge you require of it.


It features a levelling leg, so you can adjust to perfection with ease, even on rougher ground and includes a footstep for making minor adjustments when in use. Benefiting from an impressive wide footprint of 180cm to ensure a rock solid platform ready to support numerous requirements. Presented in chrome finish, making this stand a stylish, hard-wearing and impressive professional lighting support.


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