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  • lightweight slider system for camera payloads up to 15 kg/33 lbs.
  • Includes 2.2m length of track, and end stops.
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Camera Slider – Tango Roller by Prosup Professional Camera Support

A camera slider makes it possible to take shots from different sides. With this kind of camera system you can make multiple shots in a short amount of time. Another advantage is that you don’t have to carry your camera the whole time. It makes it much easier to take shots without bothering about the weight of the systems.

Tango Pelicase Kit with 100mm Bowl

The Tango Roller is a lightweight roller system for camera weighs up to 15 kg / 33 lbs. based on a 100mm tripod.

Tango The Tango Roller is the latest product from Prosup.  It performs with purpose made, high quality wheels and roller bearings combined for optimum shock-free, smooth movement. The Tango Roller is maintenance friendly and can be operated in any environment.

The lightweight roller system is ideal for camera packages up to 15 kg and can be used in both over- and under-sliding configurations. For the central tripod configuration we recommend the use of two additional mono-pods, which are included in the set, to provide additional support
at the ends of the 1.2M track.

All the sleepers are equipped with a 3/8” location hole for use with 28mm spigots, angle ball joints or 100mm half ball adapters.

The Tango Pelicase Kit includes a 1M and 1.2M track length, which is provided with a central tripod adapter, 1 Dolly, 2 Magnetic end stops, 3 Tango Floor Spreaders with levelling feet, 1 Universal Tie-down for any fluid head and 2 adjustable Mono-pods. Everything is packaged in a Pelicase with special hard foam.The whole package weighs no more than 22 kg.

The Pelicase provides space for an optional 100mm half ball, up to four 28mm spigots and a Mitchell/150 adapter plate.

There are even more useful accessories like angle ball joints, a 100<150 bowl adapter, undersliding bracket and further lengths of 1.5M track, so the system can be extended endlessly.

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Payload: 16kg


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